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Unit Vehicles

We have a large range of vehicles in our fleet and can usually source in any vehicles required. Included in our fleet are 10x minibuses, 3x BMW 7 series, Volvo XC90 4x4, BMW 5 GT, 6x Mercedes V Class, 2x Mercedes S Class, 1x Jaguar XJ, Mercedes E Class as well as our custom built luxury Mercedes People carrier with captain chairs, fridge, 3 pin plug points.

Unit Drivers

Our unit drivers have years of experience working on set. You can expect all our drivers to be smartly presented and to greet you with a cheerful smile every day.

Our drivers have years of experience in security, chauffeuring, TV and film unit driving as well as music tour management.

We are very proud of our unit drivers 'can do' attitude means they will be more than happy to assist all your departments with any movements and needs they have throughout the day. They will always go 'the extra mile' to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We have even been known to fill in as extras on the odd occasion!

Transport Manager

Should your shoot be big enough to take the transport organizing role away from your 2nd AD, we have several experienced transport managers who will keep your shoot running smoothly.

With excellent knowledge around London and the home counties, whilst being skilled in anticipating heavy traffic due to rush hours and studying local news of any large events, roadworks or extreme weather conditions, you can rest assured we will have a good grip of your required movement timings and can produce detailed transport schedules, passenger maps, daily maps and have your clients and vehicles where you want them, when you want them.

Our view is if its transport related and occasionally beyond, we have you covered.


We understand your need to stay on top of your finances and administration during your shoot.

For this reason we have developed a state of the art system to help maintain our records.

All of our drivers keep a daily digital log of their hours, mileage, vehicle, passengers and incidents of note.

We have also developed an expenses system which allows our drivers to log their receipts digitally via our app before our accounts team convert these into expense reports with every detail accounts require in an easy to read format.

Our administration/accounts team will stay in touch with your accounting team to ensure any enquiries are dealt with in a prompt manner and any information requested through the shoot can be received in a very short amount of time.

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